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The myVU Self Awareness and Development Program can be of benefit in many different areas


The tools learned in the myVU program assist participants to increase performance at school, concentration and listening skills in class and to enhance positive interaction with teachers and fellow students.

myVU Schools Program can compliment the school curriculum and provide an additional and important program that is not available at every school.

The program can be funded by schools and delivered during school hours. It can also be run as a co-curricular activity on school premises, endorsed by the school for the benefit of their students and funded by parents.


The myVU for Adults program is beneficial for those who may be experiencing challenges and needing some guidance and support.

Are you wanting to develop new skills and increase personal responsibility to achieve better results and create balance and harmony in life.

Are you looking to improve personal performance and become better role models. Maybe you are amongst the many people who have participated in self-development programs before who are now looking to gain clarity and understanding about where they are currently heading for themselves specifically.


Business profits and success are not just about specific skills training. It is increasingly recognised that individuals need to be aware of their “emotional intelligence” and using those strengths and abilities to relate appropriately to those around them.

This course will give individuals a greater understanding of themselves and how they can more positively interact and contribute to their surrounds, & allowing them to more positively impact their environment therefore creating a more productive team environment. With the increase in output and loyalty comes greater productivity with the capacity to deliver & handle change.


The myVU Community Program is designed to enhance creative thinking and broaden the comfort zone boundary to seize life’s opportunities.

You will learn methods to identify obstacles such as fear, procrastination and overwhelming anxiety, that inhibit growth and success supported by the necessary solutions.

muVU will assist you to establish simple step-by-step goal planning and monitoring skills so you can increase balance and performance in a variety of roles in your life. Throughout the program you will prepare a personal and professional “Road-Map” to create direction for a successful future.

About myVU

myVU (or "my view") is about perspective. We all have perspective/s - some good and some, maybe not so good. Some need to change and some do not. How we change them, the results, and what we use and do to make that change is what myVU is about. It is our perspective, our view, on improving and helping the most important thing in the world - people." Claire Verner - Director.

myVU is the leader in providing self help tools for people of all ages – tools to equip everyone with the skills to continually achieve, improve, move forward, motivate, create, plan and progress through the life they truly desire. myVU is a business focused on the needs of people.

Our clients range from 12 years old to 55 years and beyond. We have developed specialised programs and courses for individuals, groups, schools, workplaces, job seekers and community groups; whatever your need may be.

The range of our programs and courses have been developed in response to a need for training and coaching talented people - to bring out their own inner talent that is sometimes hidden.

Our aim is to equip people with simple practical tools to grow through discovery and awareness. It empowers them with the ability to deal with life’s challenges, and by taking action, increases their happiness, self-esteem, confidence, responsibility and personal growth.

These programs and courses are delivered only by specially trained myVU coaches and facilitators.


The awesomeness behind the myVU program
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Program Architect & CEO

All her life, Claire, has had the burning desire to assist others to grow move forward in their personal, business and personal lives. The myVU program was the result of Claire’s life mission. Claire has shared this program with countless participants over the past 15 years

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Business Development

Prior to joining the myVU family business, Anthony has had an extensive background in establishing and building businesses in the manufacturing, importing and equipment hire industries.

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Training Co-ordinator

After university as a fully qualified teacher Arlene moved to the United Kingdom for a decade to broaden her horizons and to further develop her skills and knowlege. Arlene has a strong desire to share and inspire others to excel in many areas of their lives.

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Blueprint Career Development

Program RTO

myVU has had a long term relationship with Blueprint Career Development

Blueprint provides the RTO services (Registered Training Organisation) for the myVU Program.


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