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Certificate II in Self Awareness and Development


The strategies learned in Certificate II in Self-Awareness and Development assist students to increase performance at school, concentration and listening skills, and to enhance positive interaction with teachers and fellow students.

Certificate II in Self-Awareness and Development can complement the school curriculum and provide an important program of wellbeing for all students. Those students “at risk” or with special needs can also benefit enormously.


The Certificate II in Self-Awareness and Development program for adults is beneficial for those who may be experiencing challenges and needing some guidance and support … or … those who are intent on learning and growing to be the best they can be.

Maybe they have participated in self-development programs before and now looking to gain clarity and understanding for themselves specifically. They may want to develop new skills, improve personal performance, become a better role model and create balance and harmony in life.


Business profits and success are not just about specific skills training. It is increasingly recognised that individuals need to be aware of their “emotional intelligence” and using those strengths and abilities to relate appropriately to those around them.

Certificate II in Self-Awareness and Development will give individuals a greater understanding of themselves and how they can improve their interaction and contribution to their surrounds. This results in a more productive team environment and an increase in loyalty with the capacity to deliver and handle change.


Certificate II in Self-Awareness and Development for community groups is designed to enhance creative thinking and broaden the comfort zone boundary to seize life’s opportunities, deal with challenges and strive to take small steps regularly to stretch towards reaching their full potential.

myVU Facilitators will assist them to establish simple step-by-step goal planning and monitoring skills so they can increase balance and performance in a variety of roles in their life.

cert ii facilitator training

myVU Facilitator Training is delivered by myVU to enable nominated people within a Co-Provider to become eligible to deliver the Certificate II in Self-Awareness and Development within their school / group / business.

Participants gain their own qualification for the Certificate II in Self-Awareness and Development as well as a Certificate of Attendance.

teacher / staff pd

myVU Customised Personal Development programs can be tailored specifically to suit the needs of each school.

Individual units from the Certificate II in Self-Awareness and Development program can be incorporated in these customised programs and therefore participants can gain a Statement of Attainment as well as a Certificate of Attendance.

customised PD

myVU Customised Personal Development programs can be tailored specifically to suit the needs of people of all ages in a variety of situations.

These programs can be customised around any timeframe, 1-day or longer, to fulfil individual needs. Participants can gain a Statement of Attainment (if accredited units are incorporated) as well as a Certificate of Achievement.

mentoring program

myVU Mentoring Programs are designed to encourage, challenge, inspire and support participants to identify their unique sense of identity and to move forward one small step at a time to achieve the things they really desire in life.

Specially trained myVU Mentors can facilitate the Mentoring Program in small groups or in a one-on-one situation. At the completion of the Program all participants can gain a Certificate of Achievement.

About myVU

myVU (my view) is about perspective. We all limit ourselves from time to time and by changing some of the ways we perceive ourselves, our environment, and other people, we can broaden our horizons and create positive change in our lives as well as those in our sphere of influence. How we can make these changes is what myVU is about. It is our perspective, our view, on improving and helping the most important thing in the world - people." Claire Verner - Director.

myVU is the leader in providing self-help tools for people of all ages – tools to equip everyone with the skills to continually achieve, improve, move forward, motivate, create, plan and progress through the life they truly desire. myVU is a business focused on the needs of people.

Our aim is to equip people with simple practical tools to grow through discovery and awareness. It empowers them with the ability to deal with life’s ups and downs, and by taking action, increases their happiness, self-esteem, confidence, responsibility and personal growth.

The range of our programs has been developed in response to a need for training, coaching and mentoring people in all situations - to assist them to bring out their own inner talent that is often hidden. Our clients range from 12 years old to 65 years and beyond. We have developed specialised programs for schools, individuals, workplaces, community groups and job seekers; whatever your need may be.

These programs are only delivered by our specially trained myVU facilitators, coaches and mentors.


The awesomeness behind the myVU program
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Program Author & Director

All her life Claire has had the burning desire to assist others to grow & move forward in their business and personal lives.

The myVU programs were the result of Claire’s life mission.

Claire has shared these programs with countless participants over 15 years.

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Business Development

Anthony has had an extensive background in establishing and building businesses in the manufacturing, importing and equipment hire industries.

Driven by a passion of sharing knowledge and success, Anthony has a huge vision for the myVU programs.

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MJ (my journey)

Program Mascot

MJ (my journey) appears everywhere throughout the myVU programs with a “call to action” evoking participants own inner talents and capturing important personal thoughts, ideas and intentions for each individual.

Follow MJ on your journey.


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